Just who am I?

Fixing to tell you!

How old am I?

31 years old.. March 21, 1980

How tall am I?

I would be 6-3 or 6-4.

Whats my work?

i run a webhosting buisness called dragonwild.com and do a few side jobs.

Where am i from?

I am originally from Fitchburg Massachusetts where i lived for 14 years, lived in Boiling Springs, South Carolina for 8 years, lived in Lewisburg Tennesee for 8 years, now back in Boiling Springs South Carolina.

Whats my hobbys?

whats some things i love to do? Party, messing on the computer, going to clubs, drinking, hanging with friends, camping, swimming, am not very fussy, pretty much will do anything i can, am not scared of anything or to try new things.

Whats my favorite colors?

You see the color of this site, so i guess we know Black and Red is my colors.