What do i Dislike?

Well let me break that down for you.


I hate these kind of people like a passion, Would kill one if i ever ran into one in person, these are the kind of people that don't belong in this world.

Women Abusers

If a man needs to hit a woman, then there nothing, if a man needs to think there bigger than a woman then there nothing, woman should be treated perfect, can't say we can trust all woman, but still they don't need to be hit or done wrong either way.


One of the highest thing i hate in life is thiefs, people that steal are pieces of shit, if you need to take something that don't belong to you, or steal from a company, i guess this means your trying to be like that person, guess it means your not original and theres nothing to you, and definetly deserve to die, stealing is wrong, don't do it, it sure don't make you better.

Snakes and Spiders

I hate snakes and spiders, can't stand how they look, can't stand how they move lol, ever since i got bit by a Brown recluse, keep spiders away from me..


I hate people that think they can take advantage of people, just to get what they want, i mean whats the point? Theres none.