What are my favorite things?

What are the things i favor the most, well your fixing to find out in this little section.


What would be some of my favorite foods?, Well for one, Italian Food, i love Spaghetti, i grew up with the stuff as a kid, made a mess with it as a kid, Pizza is another 5 in my direction, Supreme Pizza, you talk about a great dish, what else do i like? I love a great cook out, such as hamburgers, hot dogs and steak. Theres a lot more i like to eat, mainly almost everything, but the green stuff.


I am someone into a lot of music, i like listing to rock, i like listening to soft rock, some R & B, a little bit of everything almost, accept for country music, its just way to slow for me.


What kind of animals do i like, Wolfs! I love wolfs, i always been in love with wolfs. I also love cats and dogs.


What kind of TV, do i get into, not much of a TV person really, but when i do watch TV, would be horor movies, and some wrestling here and there, but other than that, am pretty busy with the reality world, doing other things.


I ain't much into sports really, i am just into checking out the stats and playoff games, it was exciting seeing the Boston Celtics winning there 17th Championship over the Lakers 131-92 in game 6 which they won the 2008 NBA Finals 4-2. It was nice seeing Boston winning against the Rockies in the 2007 World Series 4-0 for there 7th Championship, was sad seeing New England Patriots blow a 18-0 season against the New York Giants in the 2008 Superbowl 17-14, Well i guess you know what area i poll for, Anything in the New England area since am originally from Massachusetts.


Wrestling is something i always been into, i grew up with Wrestling, since my dad and cousins use to have the TV set on Wrestling each time it was on. Which wrestlers do i like the most? Undertaker would be one, since his Gimmick is Darkside, Shawn Michaels is another one, hes one of the best performers around in the ring, and then theres Sting, I grew up with Sting, and always liked his hard work in the ring, and his experience.


Do i like to play games? Yea buddy i do, I like playing games like Halo, Sport Games, almost anything with a challenge and can't be beaten very easy, i nearly won a video game tournament back in 94, but came just a few points shy and finished 3rd.